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Senior Placement Services

How Senior Placement Services Can Simplify Your Transition

As you or your loved one ages, you’ll likely start exploring senior living options. With a vast array of communities now available, it can feel overwhelming trying to navigate this major life transition. That’s where senior placement services shine.

Understanding Senior Placement Consultants

Senior placement consultants, also called senior living advisors, help families through the process of selecting and moving into a senior living community. These professionals assist with:

  • Assessing care needs
  • Researching appropriate options
  • Scheduling tours
  • Comparing costs
  • Handling paperwork
  • Coordinating the move


In short, they simplify what can be a complex and emotional transition.

When you work with a senior placement agency, you’ll be matched with a consultant who gets to know you and your family. They become your advocate, using their insider knowledge to find the right fit based on your priorities, needs and budget.

What to Expect During the Senior Placement Process

If you decide to engage a senior placement agency, here is an overview of what you can expect:

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Senior placement consultants, also called senior living advisors, help families through the process of selecting and moving into a senior living community.

Key Benefits of Senior Placement Services

Senior living consultants focus exclusively on helping older adults and families with the transition process. They receive ongoing training on senior housing options, costs, regulations, and more. Their specialized experience translates to smarter guidance.

Since senior advisors are third-party consultants, they take an unbiased approach. They have no stake in steering you toward a particular community. Their role is simply to educate and empower you to make the best decision.

Consultants schedule tours, coordinate move-in dates, assemble paperwork, and handle all the frustrating logistics involved in relocating. This lifts a huge burden off families.

A consultant eliminates the need for you to call around, research options, and schedule tours independently. They leverage relationships with communities to streamline the process.

Every family has unique needs and preferences. Consultants get to know you and tailor the search process based on your priorities. This results in better recommendations.

Many consultants continue supporting families even after a loved one has moved into a community. They may check in periodically and remain a trusted resource.

What to Look for in a Senior Placement Agency

With countless agencies to choose from, it helps to know what to evaluate when selecting help:

  • Experience & specialties – Look for an established agency with consultants who specialize in senior living placement. Avoid companies that dabble in other services.
  • Personalized process – Ask how they assess your family’s unique needs and customize the search approach. Beware of a cookie-cutter approach.
  • Network of communities – Do they have relationships with a wide variety of local communities? Strong connections mean easier tours and priority access.
  • Full range of options – Can they recommend all types – independent living, assisted living, memory care, etc? Select a firm that represents numerous communities.
  • Guidance post-move – Will they check in and provide continuing support after your loved one relocates? Ongoing contact is ideal.
  • Reviews – Read reviews and look for consultants who are responsive, detail-oriented, and attentive. Check for satisfied families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most consultants provide their services at no cost to families, as communities pay a referral fee when you move in. Reputable agencies are upfront about this model.

Ethical advisors act in your best interest, not a community’s. They help guide you to the right fit, whether or not a community offers a referral fee. Vet consultants thoroughly.

You can, but a consultant will help shortlist communities that truly match your situation. Their input helps create a more targeted, efficient search process.

No, rent and care rates are the same. The only cost difference is that the community doesn’t pay sales and marketing costs when you use a placement agency.

Reputable firms will connect you with other families who’ve worked with the consultant and can speak to their expertise and service quality. Ask for references.

Ideally 6-12 months out. This gives you time for an unrushed process. However, consultants can also accelerate the search in an urgent situation.

Key questions cover care approach, staffing, training, activities, dining, apartment features, resident profile, fees, health services,moves, etc. A good consultant will offer question guidance.

Yes, include them as much as possible. Experiencing the vibe and visualizing themselves there is important. But don’t force it if they’re resistant.

Often yes. Typical deposits range from $500-$2000. Consult your advisor to understand deposit requirements and policies around refunds if you change your mind.

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